Additions and Changes for Cider-CI Version 3.4

  1. Filter commits by distance to branch head.

    The commits can be filtered by distance to the current branch. The default is to show only branches which achieves a much better overview.

  2. Rework fetch-and-update in repository service.

    The fetch and update mechanism has been revised and improved. This includes a notable fix where a deep commit history and limited RAM could blow the stack or memory and terminate the import irrecoverably.

  3. Add pull mode for executor operation (BETA).

    Executor can operate in pull mode only, i.e. the server (dispatcher precisely) will wait for the executor to fetch trials to execute. Pushing remains to be the default mode! This is feature is to be considered BETA.

  4. Jobs can depend on other jobs in submodules (BETA).

Screenshots and Details

The new filtering options for commits and the default gives a quick overview of the active branches.


This is equivalent to the view in Cider-CI 3.3 and earlier. The current branch and its history (usually not what you are interested in) is shown.