Version 4.2 "Monte Zebrù"

Version 4.1 "Gran Zebrù"

Version 4.0 "Euler"

Version 3.14 "Altmann"

Version 3.13 "Frisco"

Version 3.12 "Spitzmeilen"

Version 3.11 "Uetli"

Version 3.10 "Gantrisch"

Version 3.9 "Rigi"

Version 3.8 "Cardano"

Version 3.7 "Redmond"

Support Windows operating systems on executors.

Version 3.6 "Peacock"

Introduce the My Workspace page.

Version 3.5

Add abort action for jobs.

Version 3.4

The commits can be filtered by distance to the current branch.

Version 3.3

Pushing status messages to GitHub is now considered stable. Project configuration handling has been revamped.

Version 3.2

This version adds a security and trust feature. A set of accepted repositories can be defined for each executor.

Version 3.1

Tasks can be generated dynamically based on the files submitted in the repository.

Version 3.0

The way scrips are managed and executed has been completely rewritten for version 3.0. The data schema has been reworked to enable features planed in the future.

Version 2.4

Version 2.4 improves various aspects of repository handling on the server and in the executors.

Version 2.3

Version 2.3 introduces the Cider-CI Dotfile. The algorithm for dispatching has been rewritten it is more efficient and more resilient.

Version 2.2

Version 2.2 improves the UI for multi execution workflows. Executions, Tasks, and Trials can have structured result data which is also shown in the new summaries.