Cider-CI Features

Parallel Testing without Limits

Reduce your testing time from several hours to a few minutes by parallelization with Cider-CI.

Read more in An Introduction to Parallelizing Tests with Cider-CI.

Deployment Pipelines and Continuous Delivery

Configure your deployment pipeline. Cider-CI will take care of the rest.

Run Anything on any Operating System

Cider-CI supports testing and delivery on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. You can run you tests with any programming platform, any database and actually any service or software you can install.

Resilient Integration Testing

Cider-CI will manage false test negatives and keep your delivery pipeline up and running.

See the section "Comprehension" from our talk at "Continuous Lifecycle 2015" for more information.

Powerful Interaction Testing

Cider-CI manages dependencies between components and services you need to run for your tests. Say good by to those huge, incomprehensible, and fragile test scripts.

Read more in the articles "Testing Services", and "Interacting with the Environment".

Integration with GitHub

Use GitHub as an authentication provider and manage user profiles by organization or team membership. Publish job outcomes as status updates to GitHub and configure protected branches.

Read more in the article "GitHub Integration and Account Management".

Reproducibility and Traceability

Cider-CI links your tests, deploys and actually any job distinctly and permanently to the source code. Cider-CI enables you to reproduce anything at any time. All manually triggered actions can be reliably traced back to the user in Cider-CI.

Full Control and Open Source

Cider-CI is open source and is is easy to install. You have absolute control over your testing and deployment environment.

Read more about installing Cider-CI.


Cider-CI enables you to manage the most complex integration scenarios, and we help you to get the most out of your time. AlgoCon LLC provides consulting, custom extensions, custom licenses and about any service around Cider-CI. Please contact us at